Arts on the Way- is a non profit organization that intends to help create, produce and
promote the arts- presenting the artist's end product back to the community.

So, creating a better understanding through communication among the different ethnic and
race groups is its overall and ultimate purpose.

The primary goal of the organization is to make a workshop a reality!  for  the aspiring, new
or professional artist -and in its due time provide the locale, tools and hands on the job

Training in dance, music, singing, theater, painting and sculpture and the subsequent
performance in front of an audience or showing/ exhibit in the case of the visual arts would
best describe the activities of this organization.

A secondary goal is to eradicate from the society the notion that artists can not make a
livelihood from their art - a fallacy that only helps degrade and demean the profession.

How... ? by giving the administrative know how and contacts in the real work environment
leading to a healthy and productive life.

Roberto Lozano
Artistic Director
A non-profit organization dedicated to promote the Arts in South Florida